Painting With Air

Little artists blow air through drinking straws to move liquid watercolors across the page. Salt is added while the paint is still wet, as it dries, the salt absorbs water creating interesting speckles and textures.

Sun Catchers (Made with Recycled Plastic Lids)

Recycled plastic lids are filled with glue, liquid watercolors are added and little artists swirl, blend, and pull the colors into beautiful patterns and shapes. After the glue dries, these sun catchers pop out of the lids and can be hung in windows to glow in the sunshine.

Dance Drawings

Listen to music and draw like you are dancing! In this mixed media project, little artists close their eyes and draw like their hand is dancing across the page. Adding watercolor on top of the dancing lines creates a colorful finished composition.

Monster Eyes

My son Roger started calling these little creations “Monster Eyes” and the name stuck. In this sculpture project, little artists play with model magic and markers and then add eyes to their “monsters.”

Styrofoam Plate Prints

In this printmaking project, little artists carve designs into the back of Styrofoam plates to create their own relief prints.

Cookie Sheet Mono-prints

This quick and simple mono-printing project uses tempera paint, cookie sheets, and card stock (or any other paper) to create beautiful abstract paintings.