Painting with Feet

In this summer-fun outdoor art project, little artists dip their feet in paint then walk and stomp over poster-board to create footprints and blend colors.


  • Poster-boards or other large sturdy paper
  • Tempera Paint
  • Large containers for paint and water, I used empty plastic storage boxes (see picture above), whatever container you choose should be big enough that your little artist can fit their entire foot inside


  1. Lay the poster-board on the ground. Choose a place where little artists will have plenty of room to move around.
  2. Pour paint into the containers you have chosen.
  3. Help your little artist step into the containers of paint so that they cover the bottoms of their feet. *Keep a close eye on your little artist from this point forward – painting with feet can be very slippery.*
  4. Encourage your little artist to paint with their feet by walking across the poster-board, dragging their feet over the paper, blending colors with toes, and stamping their footprint.


  • Keep an extra container of water nearby. As soon as your little artist is finished painting, let them soak their feet in the bucket of water to help wash off paint.
  • I’ve found this project works best if each child paints with only one color at a time, and feet are rinsed in-between color changes. Stepping into buckets of many different colors of paint consecutively will eventually muddy all the colors resulting in brown, murky paintings.


Before or after your painting with feet project, read the book The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss together with your little artist.

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