Dance Drawings

Listen to music and draw like you are dancing! In this mixed media project, little artists close their eyes and draw like their hand is dancing across the page. Adding watercolor on top of the dancing lines creates a colorful finished composition.


  • Cardstock or other heavy white paper
  • Dark markers, such as black, blue, and purple
  • Watercolors and paintbrushes
  • Fun Music


  1. I find that it helps to talk about dancing before beginning the drawing and painting steps of this project. I usually begin with the question, “What are some of the ways we move when we dance?” – we twirl, jump, shake, spin, clap, etc.
  2. Next, I like to talk about some of the ways we can make lines as if our hands are dancing, for example, we can make lines that wiggle, lines that curve, wild and crazy lines, and groovy lines.
  3. Now it’s time to draw like we are dancing. Give your little artist a marker. Ask them to close their eyes or even put on a blindfold. Start your music and ask them to listen to the beat and rhythms.
  4. Now encourage your little artist to move their marker over the page like their hand is dancing. Let them draw like they are dancing for one minute. Ask them to open their eyes and look at their drawing. They may want to make multiple drawings listening to many different songs.
  5. After the “dance drawing” is complete it is time to add color. Help your little artist set up their watercolor tray and exchange the marker for a paint brush. Talk about what colors might best represent the mood of the music – for example, bright colors for upbeat music and cool colors for relaxing music.


  1. I prefer jazz, oldies, salsa, and mariachi music for this project. Your local library is a great place to browse CDs, or of course, look up any style of music on youtube. 
  2. Markers in dark colors, such as black, blue, or purple, are best as they show up under the paint. You can of course use any color, and may even want to let your little artist draw like they are dancing with more than one color of marker before they paint.
  3. Basic watercolor trays work well for this project. You can also use liquid watercolors.


Image result for color dance
Before or after your dance drawing project, read the book Color Dance by Ann Jonas together with your little artist.

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