Magazine Paintings with Wiggle Eyes

This charming magazine painting project becomes even more adorable with the addition of wiggle eyes.


  • Pages from a magazine
    • Look for full page advertisements and photo-shoots that include children, families, and animals.
  • Wiggle Eyes
  • Glue
  • Tempera Paint in a variety of bright colors
  • Paintbrushes or cotton balls (optional)
  • Exacto knife – for adult use only

These examples were painted with cotton balls, and were created by artists ages 18 months to 4 years old. 


  1. Gather your magazine pages. I collected enough so that each child would have 2-3 pages to paint. Look for full page advertisements and photo-shoots that include children, families, and animals. The less text on the page, the better. Run an exacto knife down the inside edge of the page to remove it from the magazine.
  2. Glue each magazine page to a sheet of cardstock, or other heavy paper. This will create a cleaner painting that dries with less wrinkles.
  3. Place the magazine pages (which have been glued to a cardstock backing) in front of your little artist(s) and encourage them to paint anywhere except the face. You can provide cotton balls, paint brushes, or make this a finger painting project. Artists can make dots, blend colors, or simply add colorful dabs of paint. There is no right or wrong way to paint the page; wild, crazy, and random brushstrokes are perfect!
  4. After your little artist has finished painting, it is time to add the wiggle eyes. Ask your child to help you decide where to place the eyes. Will you add eyes to every person or animal on the page? Can you make a “monster” by adding 5 or 6 wiggle eyes to the face, instead of just two?



  • I found the majority of the magazine pages we used for this project in family and home/cooking publications, such as “Parenting,” “Real Simple,” and “Bon Appetit.” Fashion magazines will also include interesting full page images of people and animals.
  • When I led this project at my son’s school the children thought the wiggle eyes were hysterical and would laugh each time we added them to a painting. If you are working one on one with your little artist, make a big deal about how “silly” your painting will look after you add the wiggle eyes. If you are working in a group, call the other children over as you add wiggle eyes to each painting to watch the paintings become extra silly.
  • You can also try cutting out smaller images of children and animals and gluing those directly to the card-stock, this provides white space around the image for more mature pre-schoolers who want to paint a “scene” around the images. See examples above.


Image result for Faces by Francois Robert

Before or after your magazine painting project, read the book Faces by Francois and Jean Robert together with your little artist.

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