Tissue Paper Windows

This simple, low cost project creates beautiful Tissue Paper Windows -perfect for hanging in any sunny spot.

D.I.Y. Wrapping Paper

Make art together, then use your creation to add extra special flair when gift giving with this D.I.Y. Wrapping Paper project. 

Drawing on Pages

Book pages are the backdrop for little artists’ creations in this mixed media project. 

Craft Stick Sculpture

My son would eat a Popsicle in the backyard every hour of the day if I’d let him. Re-purpose all those summer Popsicle sticks and create a sculpture for your wall – or buy clean and new craft sticks for this project and eat frozen treats while you make art together. 

Painting with Feet

In this summer-fun outdoor art project, little artists dip their feet in paint then walk and stomp over poster-board to create footprints and blend colors. 

Spring Torn Paper Flower Garden

Springtime brings green fields and blooming flowers. In this torn paper collage project, little artists create bouquets of “flowers” by tearing and crumbling construction paper and tissue paper.

Eric Carle Inspired Animals

Little artists paint poster board with crazy lines and textures, then “put the puzzle together” by gluing the cut out stripes, spots, legs, and faces of Eric Carle inspired animals. This project can be adapted to any Eric Carle animal, we made a zebra, monkeys, a cheetah, and panthers.

Painting With Air

Little artists blow air through drinking straws to move liquid watercolors across the page. Salt is added while the paint is still wet, as it dries, the salt absorbs water creating interesting speckles and textures.

Old Fashioned Clothes Pin Dolls

Making old fashioned clothes pin dolls is a delightful one on one project in which little artist and grown up work together. Little artists choose clothes, hair, and identities for the dolls, grown ups handle the hot gluing, then artists play with their new collaborative creations.

Sun Catchers (Made with Recycled Plastic Lids)

Recycled plastic lids are filled with glue, liquid watercolors are added and little artists swirl, blend, and pull the colors into beautiful patterns and shapes. After the glue dries, these sun catchers pop out of the lids and can be hung in windows to glow in the sunshine.